24 – The Greatest Crossover of All Time

Last night, three unlikely small groups collaborated in what has been referred to as greatest collaboration of all time.

One small group has been known to be an incredibly intimate space – the other two, while important, have been relatively shallow this semester. I haven’t always enjoyed when small groups come together, so when I was approached to do this one I was hesitant. After talking to my co-leader, though, we decided that we only wanted to do it if we did it right.

Planning with seven people was better than you’d think it would be and far too soon it was time to collaborate.

Shockingly, it went well.

The other leaders were shocked at how much input their people gave and how willing they were to be intimate in the large group. They gave personal examples of how they’ve been shamed, how they’ve experienced shame, and how they personally have judged others – including the ways judging these people has effected them.

Seeing other leaders’ small group members come out of their shells, proving that what my co-leader and I have always known to be true is, in fact, true, was worth taking the risk. The risk of collaborating, though, proved to be worth it in and of itself.


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